House Blessing and Harmonization

July 3 2016

Purifying and blessing the home is like feng shui
without moving the furniture.
For many of us, home is sacred ground, where we go to
replenish our souls’ tanks. It is important to feel safe there;
we want to feel like our spirits can float through the roofs
or believe our bodies can blend into the walls comfortably.
A house blessing can help make a home beloved. In Native
American tradition, a house blessing and harmonization
includes white sage, spiritual music, drumming and a prayer ceremony
bringing stabilization to the connection between home
and the land. Each room in the entire home is blessed, and
Mother Earth is then welcomed in to nurture the family again.
A house blessing ritual is a way to re-connect the home
and hearth with the sacred energy lines of the landscape that
it rests upon. For billions of years Mother Earth has carried
the energy imprints of every insect, animal and intention
consciously or unconsciously placed upon her. A home often
picks up the sometimes dissonant energy of the land and emits
its frequency. When the home and Earth are not in alignment,
dis-ease or heaviness can occur, creating imbalance within
the environment. Through ceremony and re-connection with
the land, a lasting balance and harmony between the Earth
Mother and the sanctuary a home represents can be created.
A house blessing can also remove any negative energies
that might be lurking in a home. This is especially useful
when moving into a new house, experiencing a run of bad
luck, sensing an unwelcome energy-being or ghost, living
with a lot of negativity, or any time the energy feels heavy,
dark, lethargic or grungy.
In fact, a regular purification ritual in the home can help
make a difference in the feel of the house and the smoothness
of one’s life as well. Negative energies have a habit of
collecting in our living spaces, and this affects our lives.

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The weeks keep getting tougher with more bad news: Archangels


Some other Archangels to pray to for the world and all it’s anger:

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron is also called the “Archangel of the Face of God”. He is considered the guardian, messenger and mediator through whom  manifestations occur in the visible world. Archangel Metatron is the one through whom the divine aspects of clemency and justice are manifested in a certain way. Metatron is also the leader of the so-called celestial hosts, which means that through his subtle sphere of spiritual force the principle of the royal powers are manifested, as well as those priestly or pontifical powers, which give him the divine office of mediator.

Archangel Raziel

Archangel Raziel is the Archangel of the revelation of the divine mysteries to those who are prepared to receive them. He is the one who offers human beings that are ready to receive it, mysterious knowledge, divine wisdom and reveals in their inner universe the ineffable ecstatic state of the illuminating divine mysteries. Archangel Raziel is also an exceptional spiritual guide that infuses the prepared human being with Divine Grace, which can help them in a mysterious way to understand, with the help of intuition, various esoteric and metaphysical aspects. The Archangel Raziel is and remains an infallible divine protector for all human beings who sincerely, fervently aspire to a profound and direct knowledge of the divine mysteries.

Archangel Jophiel

Archangel Jophiel is the inspirer and protector of the sublime, divine, initiatic arts as well as the inspirer of every manifestation that aims to express divine beauty, especially when it is considered to be a spiritual path that opens our being and soul to God, through pure sublime and divine beauty. In English, the name Jophiel, means: ‘The overwhelming beauty of God’. For this reason, Archangel Jophiel is the permanent inspirer, guide and protector of all brilliant artists, inspiring them in different ways to perceive the sublime, pure, archetypal beauty of certain aspects of the Creation of God.

Archangel Zadakiel

Traditionally speaking Archangel Zadakiel is associated with the exemplary, pure and profound state of divine joy with the sublime, subtle energy of Divine Forgiveness and Divine Grace. Archangel Zadakiel is mysteriously associated with the universal power of transforming that which is inferior into the pure, superior aspect through the mysterious process of inner alchemy that involves the transmutation into energy of the potential of the human being, accompanied by the sublimation and direction of the resulting subtle energies into the superior levels of the being. Through Archangel Zadakiel and the Angelic hierarchies that this Archangel governs, God permanently manifests in earthly creation a certain facet of His Grace that gradually supports and perfects everything that we have to turn towards Divine Perfection.

Let us all pray for peace and an end to all of the violence

angel blessings xxx

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A simple angel prayer for a very tough week

June 19

A week of Tragedy…unfold your beliefs and trust…


Archangel Raguel: “Everything is how it needs to be right now. Look past the…

A win-win situation is brewing, one with solutions that are fair to everyone involved. This requires you to have blind faith that Heaven is working behind the scenes to extract the highest good for all. Ask me to buoy your faith if it wavers. Use positive affirmations and prayers to keep your spirits high. Above all, make sure that your conversations about this situation involve positive and optimistic words and phrases. You’re so powerful that your positive thoughts can speed the resolution

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Angels can help you find love

June 12, 2016

21 Ways angels can help you find love

So often we think we need a relationship to feel complete and forget that two halves don’t make a whole when it comes to love. If we get into a relationship feeling needy we so often find a relationship that fails to meet our needs.

Finding love doesn’t necessarily mean finding a relationship but being in love with yourself does mean that any relationship you do find will be truly loving and supportive. I was often told it was easier to find a job when you already had one, finding love when you are already in love with yourself is so much easier.

Allow the angels to help you find the love of your life. Read on and find out how!

1. Open your heart and heal the wounds of the past

So many of us spend years having the same relationship, we just have it with different people. Until we release the past and allow those old wounds to heal it is impossible to create a relationship that is truly supportive and loving. We keep recreating the same patterns. Aks for help, ask for the willingness to let go of the past and heal all those old wounds. Allow the angels to infuse you with the energy of forgiveness, acceptance and joy.

2. Guide your way toward true, unconditional love

When people open their hearts and their minds to the angelic realms they often begin to see signs. Some people find pennies, some feathers, while others see angels in the clouds. Open your heart and your mind and allow the angels to guide you toward true and unconditional love day by day, moment by moment and thought by thought.

3. Help you develop discernment

Angels can help  us see what really is instead of seeing what we think it is. We all have an inner knowing, the ability to see beyond the limitations of life. Ask for help to connect with your intuition and to have the courage to act upon it. You’ll be surprised by the gifts following your inner voice will bring into your life.

4. Remind you to lighten up

As the saying goes, angels fly because they take themselves lightly. As you deepen your connection with the angelic realms your ability to laugh and experience all the joy life holds will expand.  Love follows laughter.

5. Find the bright side of life

There are two ways to live life. One way we see all the endless possibilities and allow them to flow easily and effortlessly into our life. We see the glass as half full. Or we can see the glass as half empty and live a life of worry and regret. Allow the angels to show you how to always see the bright side of life no matter what’s happening around you.

6. Make joy your guide

We can move away from pain and then we create pain to move away from or we can make joy our guide and experience more joy more of the time. Allow the angels to remind you of your joyous nature. Joy and love go hand and hand.

7. Show you how to glow from within

When you love yourself you glow from within.  I am sure you have met people that you immediately liked, that are easy to be with and are surrounded by friends. Allow the angels to show you how to open your heart and let your own beautiful light shine.  Love will find you instead of you having to look for it!

8. Laugh and be merry

Laughter soothes the soul and comforts the heart. Begin to see life through the eyes of angels and hear the laughter of true joy.

9. Remind you of your perfection

When you see yourself as you really are rather than how you’ve some to believe you are you see the perfection that God created, YOU. If you let them the angels will help you see your perfection and the perfection of all those around you. What a glorious life that is to live in.

10. Find the magic in everyone and everything

Life really is magical. There are miracles all around us if we are willing to see them and begin looking for them. The more we acknowledge magic the more frequently we experience it. When we are willing to see the magic in people they seem to act more lovingly. It allows them to be more than they can be otherwise. Once again ask for help in seeing the world through the eyes of the angles.

11. Smile more

Let your inner angel out and smile more. It takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown so practice smiling until it becomes just what you do.

12. Teach you about compassion

Angels never judge anything, they live unconditionally and know only compassion and love.  Ask them to teach you about compassion. Ask them to show you how to release all judgment and see all of life compassionately.  Above all else, practice being compassionate, gentle and kind with yourself.

13. Accept who and what is or was

We often feel miserable because we can’t accept what happened or what is going on presently in our lives. Angels move from one perfect moment to the next. Judging what’s happening is like saying to God you messed up. Allow the angels to help you see the perfection in everything.

14. Illuminate your gifts

You were born with incredible gifts and talents. God never made anything less that is not perfect and without you the universe would be incomplete. If you have any doubts about how wonderful you are ask the angels to help you see your gifts and talents.

15. Fill your words with love

Our words can be filled with love or with anger and fear. Sometimes our voice can be encouraging and loving or it can be abrasive and judgmental. Allow the angels to help you find your voice and to fill all your words with love.

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Miracles happen everyday

June 5, 2016

Angel of Miracles


When You Open Your Heart & Mind To Miracles You Shall Have Them


This Angel want us to know that Miracles are only a thought and an open heart away. Angels know that there is no shortage of miracles, they are available to anyone who is willing to receive them! This Angel comes to remind us that Miracles are part of our everyday lives and they come in all sizes, shapes and packages. While there is never a shortage of miracles, our ability to see them may become clouded as we move through our day to day lives. This happens when we are focused on all the things that we think are “wrong” or difficult in our lives instead of looking to see what is positive and good. When we focus on what we don’t like, we effectively close the door to experiencing the ever abundant and present miracles that this Angel is seeking to bring our way.

Many years ago I read a wonderful affirmation: Expect a Miracle. It made me stop and think, how often do most of us expect miracles to occur? When was the last time you asked for a miracle in your own life? This Angel has come to you to say it is time to begin asking now! Miracles are easy for the Universe to give us because they are composed of Love and come from Spirit whose love for us knows no bounds or limitations. Spirit created the Angelic realms to remind each of us that we are never alone, help is always available and that miracles can flow in abundance if we are open to receiving them. Many times I have heard people say that they are afraid to ask for a miracle for what if they are not worthy and the miracle they are asking for does not appear? This Angel says we are all worthy of receiving as many miracles as we can think to ask for, that our prayers and requests for miracles are always heard and responded to!

Sometimes miracles come in forms that lead us to yet another miracle. We may have asked for something and yet this Angel knowing that we were not quite ready to fully accept what we had asked for, sent us a miracle of a different sort that would help us move closer to being able to accepting what we really desire. Sometimes that even means it appears our requests for a miracle are not being answered to push us into seeking help for a problem or lead us into reading a book or listening to an audio tape that has information we are really needing to hear. Not receiving quite yet the miracle we had asked for is unto itself a miracle as well or can be if we are willing to look at how we might be blocking this Angel’s assistance and love. Had we received the miracle we originally asked for, it would not have brought us everything we had hoped unless we had cleared some other things out of the way first. Then we can more easily embrace and enjoy what we have asked for.

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How your Chakras clear the way for your intuitive power

May 29, 2016

You are a being composed of light, love, and intelligence. These characteristics are the essence of pure energy. So, you are an energetic being. Sometimes, though, you may not feel that way. In fact, you might feel the complete opposite of energy. Still, you have unlimited energy within you right now, and this energy has remarkable gifts.

Your thoughts control the energy flow within and around you. Whatever you think about determines how you feel and what you experience. Different energy centers within and around your body are influenced by your thinking habits. In other words, the things you concentrate on the most – money, spirituality, relationships, and so on – affect your energy centers. These energy centers look like fans, with their blades overlapping. We call them “chakras” (pronounced SHOCK-RUHS), which means “wheel” in the ancient Eastern language of Sanskrit.

Although the body has many chakras, psychics and healers generally only concern themselves with the major ones. These chakras are each found next to a hormonal gland. The push vital life energy (also called “ki,” “chi,” or “prana”) through the body to ensure vitality. They’re like pinball-game paddles pushing balls along their course. This life energy springs from the Divine and gives us access to all wisdom, or psychic information.

Out of Balance Chakras

Your chakras radiate and receive energy constantly. If you hold negative thoughts, your chakras become dirty with dense, dark energy, and you feel sluggish and out of balance. You also lose touch with your natural psychic abilities. You have a chakra for each “issue” that you commonly think about. There’s a chakra related to thoughts about money and career, relationships, your future, appetite and lifestyle habits, and goals and aspirations. If you completely base your thoughts in love and faith, these chakras operate at a perfectly healthy rate. Your energy and life flow smoothly, and you experience harmony and bliss.

However, almost everyone is prone to worrying or obsessing about life occasionally. Fear thoughts affect the chakra that corresponds to the issue you are thinking about. That particular chakra then becomes dirty, shrunken, or swollen. Consequently, you may experience fatigue or listlessness without realizing why.

Clear the Way for your Intuitive Powers

Your chakras also affect your intuitive abilities. With cleansed and balanced chakras, you can easily discern information about your future and about other people, and hear the voices of God and the angels.Your natural state is one of high energy, intuition, and creativity. You don’t need to add anything to yourself enjoy these characteristics – you already own them within yourself. Just like a sculptor needs to chip away the parts of the statue that aren’t part of the ultimate creation, you only need to clear away fear to reveal your innate qualities.

Angel Blessings xxx

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Angel Question from a reader: How do you find out the name of your guardian angel?

May 22 ,2016

Reader Question: How do I find out the name of my guardian angel and best way to communicate with them?

Response from Empathic Angel reader– Great question, thank you for asking!   As you continue to work with your angels and strengthen the connection with them, you will get names. That comes with time so be patient. You see, angels really don’t need “names” but will give us on Earth something for us to identify them with.

I will tell you something that angels and guides tell me about names. They don’t like to give their names to someone giving a reading for you. They want you to figure out their names on your own. Why? Because they say it is a special moment between the two of you, and it usually comes through only when you have been working to connect with them more and more. So they would rather have it happen that way.

Everyone has intuitive gifts, and everyone is wired to receive them in a different way. So let’s figure out how you are wired to hear your angel’s messages. Many people receive messages in a combination of ways but one will be strongest.

 What I refer to as The Four “Claires” (clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizant, and Clairsentient) are the most common ways people receive messages.

Some people have been at this for years and feel they never received a name. It may be that you are not in tune with the way you are “wired” to receive your guidance. Be open and aware of all of the different ways that your angels may be trying to communicate with you.

For example, you may be feeling the vibration of their name and not an actual verbal name. So they have been sending you their calling card but because you have been so busy waiting for an actual verbal name you missed their message.

I have all four “claires” with claircognizance being the strongest. Because of this and because I had been working on strengthening the connection to the Higher Realms for a while I did get my guide’s name along with seeing and hearing her. Also, my guide Alonya gave me very gentle and subtle electrical chills up my spine the first time I meditated to really connect with her. Since then, she lets me know she is around by these physical sensations.

When communicating with angels be sure to quiet you mind. Being out in nature, gardening and slow, rhythmic physical movement are a few examples of things you can do. Other ways are mediating to music and guided meditations. Basically whatever suits you while helping to still your busy mind. Just simply talk to them and always ask them to help you build the connection. They want you to give them that kind of “homework” because they cannot build the connection unless you give them permission to.

Angel Blessings xxx

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Following the signs: Trust your intuition and let the Universe do it’s thing!

May 15, 2016

Law of Attraction: How the Universe Delivers Our Manifestations

The Law of Attraction states that you manifest anything you give enough focus to. By giving your attention to a thought, you activate that thought’s vibration, and the Law of Attraction will cause more vibrations like it to be drawn to it. Once enough energy is gathered, the vibration becomes physical. But what does that look like in the practical sense? If I think about a million dollars with laser like focus, will I just wake up one morning and find a huge pile of cash in bed next to me? Well, no. That’s not usually how it works. Manifestations don’t just tend to drop out of the sky – we simply don’t really believe that they can.

The Universe brings us our manifestations through the path of least resistance. That doesn’t necessarily mean what we think it does, though. The path of least resistance isn’t what is easiest for the Universe (there are no limits on that end, the possibilities are infinite). It’s what’s easiest for you to allow. This is why negative beliefs have the ability to block your manifestations – they vibrate at a different, often opposite, frequency to what you want and basically shut down avenues in which you could receive those items.

In order to manifest something, we have to give it enough focus to bring it into the physical AND we have to ensure there are no contradictory or opposite beliefs blocking it. So, if you want a million dollars, not only do you have to spend some time thinking wonderful, positive thoughts about the money, but you also have to ensure that you don’t harbor any beliefs such as “I’m always going to be poor”, “Rich people are immoral” or “It’s impossible for me to earn a million dollars”, etc.

So, let’s say you harbor no contradictory beliefs to having the million dollars. You think money is great, it’s absolutely possible for you to receive a million dollars in some way, and it doesn’t even really feel like a big deal to you. How will the Universe deliver this manifestation? We’ve already concluded that it’s not just going to drop out of the sky.

The Universe delivers manifestations in the form of insights, hunches and coincidences. It brings you together with just the right people at just the right time. It may orchestrate a delay in traffic, ensuring a chance meeting in the elevator with the owner of your company, whom you’ll get in a seemingly innocent conversation with, during which you’ll just happen to pitch your idea for a new product. He loves the idea, puts you in charge of the new division created to build and distribute the product and one year later you get a bonus check for one million dollars.

Or, you may have a strong, almost overwhelming hunch to go and buy a lottery ticket, even though you never, EVER buy lottery tickets. But this one day, for some reason, you really think you should. And just this one time, you buy one. And it’s a winner.

Notice how this entire process depends on you listening to your intuition and hunches? In the elevator, when you met the owner of your company, you had a hunch to tell him about your idea. By following that impulse, you changed the entire course of your life. But what happens if you don’t listen, if you freeze up and let fear keep you from having this conversation? Nothing. The owner never hears your idea, and you’ve missed a chance at a million dollars. Except you don’t even know it.

The process of deliberately receiving the life you want depends on your ability to pay attention to the signs the Universe is giving you. It’s not so much about thinking your way through life, as feeling your way through it. If something feels right, pay attention. This is something you’ll probably want to do, even if you can’t logically justify your actions. If something feels wrong, be careful. Even if it looks good on paper, your intuition is giving you a message.

The more you pay attention to how you feel about things, the more you practice listening to your intuition and noticing coincidences, the better you’ll get at this. After you notice a few times that following your intuition, even if it defied rational thinking a bit, led to the perfect outcome – something you couldn’t have orchestrated in a million years – you’ll become more confident in your ability to follow your hunches. I’m not asking you to completely turn off your rational mind, but consider your feelings as equally valid (if not more so) input in your decision making process, especially if the risk of following your intuition is low. Try it for yourself. You might well just be amazed at where these heretofore unseen opportunities lead you.

Angel Blessings  xxx

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Daily to weekly Blog as of May 15, 2016

May 15, 2016

Good Morning my angel friends.  Hope you all are manifesting well today, and are grateful for all the blessings in your lives.  Beginning today, I have decided it is in the best interest of my audience to blog every Sunday, once a week, instead of daily.

You can still contact me any time to schedule an Empathic Angel card reading/ mediumship, however, the blog itself will be written every Sunday moving forward. Now that it is off the ground, and people are responding, I’ve gotten some feedback that once a week entries will allow you all to have time to think about what has been discussed in each blog for a while, rather than having to digest it quickly prior to the next day’s blog coming out.  More time to digest, manifest and use any suggestions given to work with your individual guardian angels.

I look forward to speaking with you, right here, every Sunday.  Please continue with your comments and questions as I will get to them daily still.

Angel Blessings xxx


What do angels look like?

May 14, 2016

The first step is connecting with your Angels is knowing what you’re looking for.

7 Most Common Traits of Angelic Appearances

1. Beings of Light

Often, when you see an Angel, it may just be a flash of light. As they are beings of Light, Angels, can and do appear as simply that – light only. Blue, pink, green, or white – a flash, a streak, or a ball of light. If you see a full form angel, which is common in dreams and on very unique occasions, this being is often surrounded by a halo or glow of light. They are beings of the Light, and thus, they are embodied and surrounded by light, and often, project it into the physical realm from time to time. When have seen Angels, it has been in places where the Spiritual world is very close – such as in a religious location or at the bedside of someone who is transitioning in death – and the glow of an Angel is so bright, it can be hard to ignore!

2. Floating and Lifted

The Realm of the Angels is vibrationally lifted, elevated, and moving very fast, thus, it is as though the Angelic realm is very high above us, and coming down to earth, is like landing a helicopter. With all that energy – it’s more sensible to hover above the earth, rather than land directly on it. With this said, in order to see an angel, your energy, your emotions, your senses, must in some way be lifting off and up. Perhaps you see in an Angel on a very hard day, and their presence is there only to lift away your sadness or heavy energy, to provide you with a more elevated sense of being. Have you been going through a period of difficulty or darkness? Seeing an angel, in some way, is a sign that this period of emotional and physical heaviness, may be coming to an end.

Angels often appear floating slightly above the ground, to around eye level, as they must lower their energy just enough to be visible to you – if only in light. Not heavy enough, or close enough to the physical realm in Spirit (angels have usually never had a human body), they do not land on Earth, as the energy is much too dense to stay and provide you support from their own being and realm.

3. Genderless

Angels are the Spiritual Beings of non-judgement. As such, they often appear to you as not male, not female, but possibly both or either. Also, angels are complete beings that have mostly not taken human form – thus they have not been required to ‘choose sides’ that are inherent with selecting a gender. Thus, all angels embody both male and female characteristics  – ying and yang energies, outward and inward, solid and flowing.

While your Angel may appear to you as one gender, such as female, know that this is a sign to you that the feminine energy is something you must embody now to assist you with your situation. Where, your Angel, may also choose another time, to embody as male, when outward strength is required in your life. The energies, male and female, are symbolic, and can also be represented by earth elements of fire and water.

4. Wings

Most of the time, but not all, Angels appear with wings. Their floating and lifted appearance, as though you are being visited by a weightless being, is also symbolic of the presence of wings. Yes, the presence of wings on an angel is symbolic of their nature – lifted, weightless, and beings of Light only – no density of matter.

If you should see an angel with wings, they many be of many sizes and color, which also, is a symbol of their meaning and role in your life. Did an angel with rounded wings appear once in a dream and then another time, in meditation, you were presented with an Angel with pointed, sharp edged wings? Perhaps the first angel, the angel of softness, was symbolic of the gentleness required in healing and self healing, where the second angel, with sharp-edged wings, was symbolic of the protection that we might require and ask for in a sword or warrior.

5. Outfit

Much like the wings, the clothing by which the angels wear can vary, but is often a long gown, perhaps of white linen, perhaps of satin pink, and this is regardless of gender. The outfit worn by an angel is often flowing, loose, and gently touching their body. Sleeves are often long and draping as though the clothes are an extension of softness and grace. No curve is hugged too tightly or too loosely, and no body part is exposed immodestly. The clothing of an angel is as though a gentle wind is blowing on their clothing, which is fluid and complete.

The color of the clothing and light can be significant as to the function of the angel. Is your angel wearing an electric blue or is there an electric blue light around them? Perhaps this is Michael, who has been known to appear as blue, and is the angel of Protection. What about soft pink? This is the color associated with love and compassion, and your angel may be present now to assist you with this.

6. Size

Many humans have commented on the size of Angels. They can be huge. Archangels, such as Michael, Raphael, Ariel, Muriel, and others can be ginormous, appearing as nearly 10 feet tall. If they should appear to you in this size, know that you are encountering the entire energy of this being. The size of an angel has to do with the vast scope and sphere of influence of an archangel – who are guardians of all beings.

Personal guardian angels, however, are not less powerful than archangels – not by a long shot – however their energy is just that: personal. Guardian angels relate to you on a personal one-on-one level, thus their energy of being is focused, and ‘on your level’. They need not be huge as their beings are watching over one – and that is you. Guardian angels are usually more ‘human sized’.

7. Symbolism

The overall appearance of an Angel is often symbolic in meaning. Just as with crystals, dreams, and the cards of tarot, there is symbolism in the traits of the angel which appears to you. When you look to an angel to understand why they have come, do not forget to ask – What color is this Angel? What is their age of appearance? Size? The shape of their wings? Then evaluate the colors, ages, and sizes, and understand, deeply what these symbols mean to you. As we are each unique beings, as are our own symbols that we use to relate to the inner, and outer, worlds around us.

Does your angel carry with it any tools or gifts? If so, this is an indication as to what they have come to assist you with, or the tools and gifts that are inherent in your own being.

After interpreting and understanding their appearance of light, lift, neutrality, and appearance, hopefully, you may have an improved idea of the overall appearance and qualities of you supporters within the Angelic Realm.

Connecting with and witnessing your Angels can be as simple as gentle practice, openness, and awareness. Begin today – maintain with a watchfulness of unexpected flashes, streams, or balls of Light

Angel Blessings  xxxx

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